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ITC - Keeping You in the Know

The Difference Between an ITC and TSS?

ITC: Jeremy Fehnel

  • Uses Technology
  • Co-Teaches
  • Observes
  • Plans
  • Conducts Trainings

TSS: Angela Hines

  • Fixes Computers
  • Repairs Equipment
  • Makes sure equipment is in good working order
  • Makes sure equipment can access the network

Email me to:

  • Set up a co-teaching lesson
  • Make a planning appointment
  • Observe a lesson
  • Set up a training session
  • My email is:


From time to time, I will pop in to observe how you are using technology. I may also ask you if I can schedule an observation with you.



Computer Labs Math Labs Laptop Carts
  • Lab 721
  • Lab 821
  • Lab 620
  • Lab 823
  • Lab 621
We have 3 laptop carts that are located in the grade level teacher workrooms. You may check out the keys from the Library.

To schedule a lab, cart, or equipment, go to the Lab Calendar and enter your reservation. Click on the calendar link below to get instructions on how to reserve labs or carts.

Scheduling an appointment with the ITC: Send me an email and we will find a time that works!

What can I do at

  • Submit an online work order
  • Install/upgrade certain software
  • Find an email link to the SIS helpdesk

I need Synergy Help - what do I do?

Contact your ITC who can figure out most simple things. If the problem is more complex, she will help you contact the SIS Help Desk.

How to's...

How do I get software updates on my computer?

If you are missing certain software or need an update you can do it yourself at the self-install portal. Simply go to and sign in using your normal credentials. Note that you can ONLY do this while you are at school.

How do I hard wire my laptop?

There are 2 ports on the back of your phone. One goes to the data port on the wall and the other should go to your laptop.

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